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Frequently Asked Questions

How to care for my pampas grass?

Pampas grass is a wonderful dried plant that doesn’t require any maintenance. After you fluff it up, put it in a vase without water. Keep it away from direct sun light and moisture.

How can I make pampas grass fluffy?

When you take the stems out of the packaging, shake them a little to remove excessive fur and help the plumes open. After 24 hrs in the vase they will get back to their natural fluffiness.

How long do pampas grass and other dried grasses last?

Our dried grasses can last for several years.

Does pampas grass shed?

Pampas grass sheds when you shake it or move it around. Once it’s in the vase it will not shed.

Can I trim the stems?

Yes, absolutely! Trimming the stems to suit the vase is fine and you will not damage the product. When cutting the faux pampas you will need to use garden shears.

Extra tip!

If it’s a sunny day place the stems outside on the sun and see them fluff up instantly on the breeze. Be careful! The stems are fragile, don’t let the wind break the stems.

Undisturbed, in a dry place away from direct sunlight, pampas grass will last as a lovely home decor for several years.

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